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…. Or … WHAT F**KER TURNED DOWN THE OUTSIDE THERMOSTAT? So a slow start to the day. My friend and I are still adjusting to time zones, so it was a late start…

Technocrat Tuesday: Today, I'm going to talk about shooting into sunlight. *HEALTH AND SAFETY NANNY STATE WARNING* Shooting directly into the light is NOT…

anand just had to build a snow man outside the hotel, while his girl friend stayed inside in the warmth at her brother's wedding.

22nd December Location, Birmingham, Victoria square. A rare action shot for me… with time delay built in, A carasol going round and round….

24th December Location, Cologne, Germany, Outside the “Dom” (Cathedral) A close up of the Angel shown on the 1st, with a star filter.

The Chinese character for light in part of a Welcome to Ikoma neon sign. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. - Genesis 1:3
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