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While preparing another blog this image popped out at me. There is a forest of evergreens which have been thinned out because of disease and these logs were…

My son - in - law arrived with his chainsaw to make life easier! Des and Geert cut down the overhang! Logs for our neighbours - and a bit of clearing up to do!

A little flurry of snow overnight and I woke to a very different world. Not only was every surface sprinkled with white but the wind chill factor certainly made…

Yep, It is a log; however, if you were swimming along underwater and rose up face to face with this fellow……Yea, ALLIGATOR!

These are branches cut down before Christmas from our storm damaged tree, waiting to be cut into smaller pieces for the fire.

Just a little fun converting some color to B & W. Most taken this year and last. One about 26 years ago, and one by a professional photographer 38 years ago.
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