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Cooked like the potato salad but I added my personal touch: egg pastas, beets ... and sprinkle with crumbs of hard egg yolk reminiscent of mimosa flower!

... with red pepper, mustard, herbs... The crumbs of egg yolk remind the YELLOW mimosa flower

Motorola ‘moto x’ smartphone shot Edit: picmonkey ]Nothing says New Year's Day family breakfast like a crisp mimosa (or two) . Since there wasn't anything cool…

Acacia dealbata aka Mimosa Even though it is named Mimosa, it is not from Mimosa's family, but from Acacia's family. These flowers are always the first I see…

New truth: All mimosas should be served in mimosa jars, on a mild day, outside with a best friend. Sweet Pea cafe - thank you!

Not taken by me but by my friend's daughter Fiò ( short for Fiorenza) The full mimosa tree taken by me.

#1 light on mimosifolia #2 light on mimosa flower #3 wrought iron gate & ixora bush #4 quite an amazing job !! °° clic on pic for size °°
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