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Today was opening day at the local Heron Rookery. To provide some protection for the nesting ground the public is only allowed to view on certain days, at…

The canada goose is a large goose, with a distinctive black head and neck and large white throat patch. An introduced species from North America.

This spring when I opened up our camp, I hung out the bird feeders and other decorations and yard art brick-a-brack-a. one of the Items was a ceramic troll cave…

Is this the main hive? There are many small hive around. Missed this one. At the moment, there is only fifteen here. If I stay to long will more come?

A brief interlude in Dunmow and a walk around Doctor's Pond in warm sunshine provided today's inspiration.

Rubinar 1000/10, duct taped, squeaking, shaking but somehow working. It was dark tho… hard to manual focus.

I've delayed posting these because I didn't want to put them at risk but while I was in the Roaches I came across these two resting on top of the crag. These…
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