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Bird park remains open an extra week! Blue winged kookaburra Hooded Merganser Three of a kind - red ibis Love birds BBB Blue macaw JJJ Just good friends

Pet Shots are fun, and a fun way to play with my new photo gear Santa left under the tree. Playing with my new flash and Lensbaby Twist 60 funky all manual…

I am not sure if these are parrots or some other birds but one thing which I am sure are these are fearless. They were really flying a low level and around us.…

Went to Islamorada, swam with the dolphins and rays. I had the most fun ever! and all the animals were adorable!

The Pic has been clicked in the Market Place in Beurs, and the vivid colours captured in the frame give the snap a strong look and feel of colourful life…..
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