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Killer, one of two feral cats that haunted my yard, they conned their way inside during a blizzard in 2014. Pictured right, giving her best ASPCA face. She…

[013/365] Day 13 of my 365 Photo Challenge. After being locked down by the corona crisis and forced to work in Homeoffice, photo opportunities aren't around you…

I’m addicted to donuts recently... oops, what a bad hobby...I DONUT care!!!😛 📍Blue Star Donuts, Portland 💰3.5 bucks/chocolate+almond 💰3.0 bucks/original one

I really love donuts and everything with chocolate!!!!!!! I am literally a sweet tooth! :P lovely cake and donuts!!!!!!

I love this tea shop in Portland!!!😘 📍Bubble N Tea 💰5 bucks/bubble milk tea 好喝耶,而且比之前喝的那間珍珠還多😛只是說杯子的設計很難拿。🤨

So I wanted to experiment with light painting and as I'm on holiday at the beach I decided to go up to the harbour and draw... here are some y takes.
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