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I have to admit, I'm cheating today - a bit. I've forgot to take a photo (well, there was nothing that interesting), so I'm taking one at 1:30am. Of somethingā€¦

A digital painting from a photo by Ram at the link below. I digital painted the photo, then added a "puzzle effect" https://www.photoblog.com/cano...

February, 17. Making someting complete from many small parts. Put these puzzle elements in a single logic picture. Break it apart. Place the pieces togetherā€¦

12-6-2016 Students were given a puzzle sheet that they were supposed to solve.Ā  Each blank has an answer under it, which when a student solved the problemsā€¦

a poem by Brittywold So close to perfect. Just like a puzzle. We fit just right. Until the table gets hits We shake Come apart Holding on with a edge We grab onā€¦

Lifeā€¦ a jigsaw puzzle by Sharina Saad The jigsaw puzzle of life Deciding on the answers to fit Should we let it resolve as naturallyā€¦? Should we force theā€¦

Excuse the crumbs on my table. I wonder if timepiece and busybee have ever tried this type of puzzle?
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