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Served with white rice, red hot pepper and small cuncumber pickles. Here is a light meal: currently we are living a heat wave (31°C).

A complete dish for lunch or dinner: it includes rice, chicken, onion, olive, goat cheese, red pepper, bamboo shoot ...

So easy to make! ... For lunch or dinner/ Ingredients 4 personnes: 400g thaï or basmati cooked rice 1 carrot 3 eggs for omelet 3 bamboo shoot 1 onion 2 garlic…

macerated in aromatic herbs - For lunch to eat with white rice and cuncumber&tomato salad

with bamboo shoots, green papaya, tiny anchovies... and hot red pepper sauce. - For lunch!

With rice, you have some avocado, saucisson, tomato, lettuce, cuncumber, goat cheese ... serve with my special sauce! .. For a hearty lunch
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