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I woke up early this morning..at about 5am. Not wanted that at all, but I am actually glad that I woke up. It was -14°C, but I didn't care about it. I went out…

He just keeps coming EVERY single day. Knows a hole in the fence. Especially enjoys my mum's azaleas… These shos are from my kitchen window.

They just keep coming… :) We also have deers and foxes on the tiny meadow but they appear only late in the night, when it's impossible to take a photo.

Remember the fox from Saturday? Today I was very lucky again - I had a very close meeting with a roe deer! As usually by accident - I was standing still, trying…

Giant Springs State Park is in Great Falls, Montana. There is a big fresh water spring that pours into the Roe river which flows into Missouri river.
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