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I am sorry but this week was really busy with the opening conference of our project here. So only 2 accidental shots fit into the words

Others participating in the hunt are found here…… “HUNTERS” [photoblog.com] Come join the Hunt….. “REQUEST TO BE ADDED TO THE FREINDS LIST” [photoblog.com]

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Another great hunt this week, did consider doing Ricky's other words but after looking up a meaning for his zymosomething something something I gave up

It seems 3 out of 5 is all for this week again… too busy the rest of the day to try and find those last 2 shots…. Sorry again to everyone for not posting a…

I couldn't photograph anything for stew because the only thing I have is gumbo which is in the freezer. OTHER HUNTERS HERE [photoblog.com]
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