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I been walking this trail for over an hour. These bees keep flying pass me, in a distance. In every direction they keep popping up. However, never close or…

While walking a normal trail, taking pictures of the leaves changing. I decided to take picture of a leaf a by itself on a branch. It's the last leaf hanging…

Fall is here. Leaves are falling from place they once called home. While others are trying to remain. All the while, changing of colors.

The grounds are untouched. The swings sit empty. The slides are not in motion. School has began and everything sits still.

I come into work during the weekend. As I was leaving, I notice a dog. Already in car, I slowed down. (Not sure how long it has been there.) German Shepherd,…

As I sit here. I get to reflect back. Long time ago, ten or fifteen minutes in the past. I was sitting on another leaf, before a tragic moment occurred.

I like sunflowers. I am guess the name is because of the the petals that leave from the middle. It like sun light busting from a plant.

Found a place for a rest. We match right!?! That was relaxing. Time to get out of here. I like to see how a picture would look if it was drawn.
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