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La paz absoluta. El lugar perfecto. Colores en sintonía. Sonidos que aquietan el alma. Solo la naturaleza en perfecta armonía.

Sale el sol después de la tormenta en Fornells, localidad española perteneciente al municipio de Mercadal, en el norte de la isla de Menorca, Islas Baleares.

Esta es la foto del dia 15, el dia de ayer no logre publicarla por aca, pero si lo hice en mi facebook,

Moving Pictures building in flames stock on fire if ready to jump you're the third-floor survivor bystanders catch you on your way down smile before you smash…

Now that I've arrived in Madrid, what better way to start off my blog than with this famous symbol of the vibrant city.

If from the outside, there's no demand for what you do, Inside there's an army waiting for their marching orders from you -from Wheat Kings by Tragically Hip

I want to rule this kingdom Make sweet the breeze now defiled Dethrone the evil prince's iron fist In velvet gloves of sin. -from Five Magics by Megadeth