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I just have a lot of emotions. [prettierdanpink.livejournal.com] Good thing this is FINALLY over. And he didn't come ;) Kunswelo na lang.

Lovin' Jehly's boarding house because of the sariling bahay feel and everything is just vintage. Look at their TV! :D

Looking like a zombie. Chillin' at my bed with my lovely pink comforter XD Eyebags. Yeyeye. This is what UPLB Engieering does to you 8D

We were supposed to study, but, well, things happen :)) Haha. Lydda is not in the picture because it's her phone that we are using. Liezel is not here too…

I know these pictures may not be the prettiest, but I love them and they are my favorites ^_^ More here [facebook.com].

I just had my IE 32 removal exam and I was arranging all the forms and permits for my IE 151 removal exam. LOL, removals galore. It was freakin' hot that day,…

Finally! I passed ES 26 \:D/ *banana dance* And as expected, I failed ENSC 12. Haha, and I got a ZERO for the first time in an exam :))

Here are my IE friends. We're together for like, 5 days a week. Haha. They make all my hell days in Engineering bearable. :)
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