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9/12/2017 今朝去咗搵你 但係你又唔聽我電話😡😡 咁我唯有自己上嚟屋企啦 上到去就見到你屋企人 然後我就同你地一齊包咗啲餃子 之後我哋好快食完 我就要走啦 趕去做義工 雖然其他人都遲到 但係個義工係一個非常開心嘅活動 係到同啲小朋友玩成晚就都冇悶場 不停喺度笑 所以整體來講今日都係好開心😍😍😍😍

... all would be ideal On Sunday, the main street would be reserved only for dogs & bikes BBC News would look like this Saturday volunteering would be a fun way…

A few More pictures from my volunteering trip to the Charitable Organisation in Tanzania. Its is is a non-governmental organization, with a registered board of…

Today Molly and I volunteered a Habitat for Humanity project through Hands on Orlando. Here's the finished product.
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