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Traveling the backroads of Kentucky near Lawrenceburg on a rainy day we came to the Wild Turkey Distillery and stopped to take a peak.

"Coffee, whiskey, and fishing poles. That's really all you need in life." -Brandie Carlile a workbench helps too. i love this glass. šŸ„ƒ

Dublin was a very lively city. Lots of people from all over the world. Ā The majority of people are very friendly. Ā It was a great place to createĀ photos. Theā€¦

What a week. I'm ready to crack this open. Thanks to Paul, Angela, and Janette for this very thoughtful going away present. Now I just need to work on thatā€¦

Every January my family and IĀ embark on "Sober January". It's a great way to reboot after holiday indulgence, and helps support any other resolutions along theā€¦

For those that are curious. We have three barns. One of which is about a semi truck trailer long and one and a half wide. Huge barn. Sooooooooo much stuff in itā€¦

In true form, I braved the rain, the cold, and not so great lighting, all to avoid shooting indoors. Boom! Consistency. Could also be I need to pick up theā€¦

No, I haven't turned to the hard liquor just yet.. I was in my room when I spotted this bottle in a box under my bed. It's actually a bog-standard bottle andā€¦
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