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Traveling the backroads of Kentucky near Lawrenceburg on a rainy day we came to the Wild Turkey Distillery and stopped to take a peak.

"Coffee, whiskey, and fishing poles. That's really all you need in life." -Brandie Carlile a workbench helps too. i love this glass. šŸ„ƒ

Dublin was a very lively city. Lots of people from all over the world. Ā The majority of people are very friendly. Ā It was a great place to createĀ photos. Theā€¦

What a week. I'm ready to crack this open. Thanks to Paul, Angela, and Janette for this very thoughtful going away present. Now I just need to work on thatā€¦

Every January my family and IĀ embark on "Sober January". It's a great way to reboot after holiday indulgence, and helps support any other resolutions along theā€¦

For those that are curious. We have three barns. One of which is about a semi truck trailer long and one and a half wide. Huge barn. Sooooooooo much stuff in itā€¦

In true form, I braved the rain, the cold, and not so great lighting, all to avoid shooting indoors. Boom! Consistency. Could also be I need to pick up theā€¦

No, I haven't turned to the hard liquor just yet.. I was in my room when I spotted this bottle in a box under my bed. It's actually a bog-standard bottle andā€¦

I had some photoshoots this morning and then I went to visit my former housemate to bring him his post. A cup of tea there was followed by a beer or two andā€¦

I have the best boss in all the land. He and his wife took us out to dinner at the Bonefish on top of generous xmas presents for the whole family. What aā€¦
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