by Marianne Nicolas March. 04, 2010 432 views

1. I love taking candid shots of random friends :) Well, mine wasn't candid but still… :) I love group shots and everything, but solos are good too right? ^_^ I just love different facial expressions of people, especially those who are close to me. They are priceless. XD

2. I will not deny how happy I was when I saw Paul (especially when I saw him wearing a yellow cowboy polo and a stupid grin on his face XD) and we were able to be together for like, 40 minutes? -_-" But I swear I'm not complaining ♥

We had lunch @ Sion's but he finished ordering (and eating!) first because he got there way too early before I did T_T And umm, what else. I guess I am not really angry anymore. I actually laughed when he was trying to explain why he wasn't able to be with me during the fair. I love it when he looks embarrassed. Haha.

This boy is giving me a lot of headaches, but he can make my heart melt into a puddle of goo in a snap.

Wow. I can't believe I just said that.

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