My Amnesia Girl

by Marianne Nicolas December. 21, 2010 403 views

1. Taxi Driver on my way to the dentist. He told me things like "May itsura ka" and boyfriend stuff, age doesn't matter, etc. Why is it that drivers and construction workers love to hit on me? T_T Anyway, I think I paid quite too much. P70 for a cab ride is too expensive! I just gave him a big amount ‘coz I can’t help but pity him and it's christmas.

2. Watched My Amnesia Girl with girl friend Olin! :) It was really really fun but there were some parts that I really didn't like. Go here [] to view my My Amnesia Girl movie comments ^_^

3. JM de Guzman, the unknown friend in the movie is super cute! I can't help but get all kilig when he's in the scene :)

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