Autumns’ sky

by Bugandthebee November. 27, 2017 382 views

“I used to think East

was wherever I pointed my right

hand. I was six, my body

the center of space, the axis

on which directions turned.

When I learned directions

are fixed, that our bodies

move through space

like fish, East became

the sunrise, but, even more so,

the lake. Around Chicago, Lake

Michigan is what is East,

and my body could always feel

its presence. Riding home

from the city, dozing

in the back seat, I always knew

where we were.

Living out West now, I find

directions hazy as smog. My right

hand points to mountains, to palms,

but their presence looms light

in my body. When I get lost,

and I do, I close my eyes

and try to feel East,

tracing sharp shores of memory,

the pull of the lake in my blood,

following the three right turns home.“

“Feeling East” by Gayle Brandeis

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