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I need to start shooting things that aren't on or near my desk. I have to get out more often. Shot with iPhone 4, pencil-ized in Photogene.

The Peek, one of the magician's standard dirty tricks. Shot with iPhone 4. Filtering and (hasty) fake DOF in Photoshop CS4.

Coffee and liquor, everything you need to start your day right. Shot with iPhone 4 at my favorite diner. Cropped and minor color adjustments in Photogene.

A vintage Corvette, on display - in miniature? - at the Golden, CO Supercruise. Shot with iPhone 4; shrunk with TiltShiftGen.

Fascinating texture of wear and tear on a Las Vegas video poker machine. Minor color correction and cropping. Taken with an iPhone 4.

The harbor at Villefranche, France (near Nice). Original shot with Nikon D40. Exposures adjusted in Adobe Bridge; HDR processing in Photoshop CS5.
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