Moses Supposes

by Byron1 December. 09, 2009 5358 views

Since I started remembering stuff, might as well continue to do so. Do you remember that “Moses Supposes” number from ‘Singing in the Rain’? Chances are, you don't! That's because most of you, are way too young and I’m way too old! Anyways, if you really haven’t seen it, here’s [] your chance! Just bare with it until the end – it has some masterful choreography and some incredible tap dancing!

(And that first verse, is such a catchy one! Sometimes, when I go for some big walks around the place where I live, I catch my self marching in the rhythm of that song. You know, in that military “hut (step), hut (step), hut-hut-hut” fashion. I go like: Moses (step), Supposes (step), his-toses-are-roses (step), butMoses (step), supposes (step), erro-neou-sly etc… Hmmm… You know what they say about lonely walkers, don’t you?: most of them have issues – or is it Johnny Walkers?)

Now, about those guards, outside the Greek Parliament… Quite stiff, aren’t they? Could not match Kelly and O’Connor as a couple, by any stretch of the imagination, (δηλαδή, με καμία Παναγία), but they could use jjjjjjjjust a little bit of rhythm, don’t you think?

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Ricardo 9 years, 9 months ago

last one is amazing! excellent shots you've captured! ;)

9 years, 9 months ago Edited