you met Cocoa and Whiskers... NOW MEET THE KIDS :)

by Jorge Cardoso July. 13, 2010 5293 views
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João Baptista 8 years, 11 months ago

They are fragile!!!

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Lynda 8 years, 11 months ago


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Christa 9 years, 2 months ago

Só podia dar nisto.... mas cuidado, se não às tantas tem uma invasão coelhiana :)

9 years, 2 months ago Edited
Jorge Cardoso 9 years, 3 months ago


not me but my niece Minie (check my latest post 19july10)did have one rabbit before. We knew the father had to be separated to another cage after the kids were born. Another situation has to do with smell: in the first days we MUST NOT TOUCH AND/OR HOLD THEM; they get our smell, the mother won't recognize them and... yes you know :(

So I was surprized when our housekeeper in the farm - and she has plenty of experience with animals - started holding them this weekend!!! It's seems that the above mentioned danger is not present anymore.

So you can imagine how my niece was delighted!!! :)

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Jack Castelo Branco 9 years, 3 months ago

tao fofos coitadinhos....

9 years, 3 months ago Edited
Art Bee 9 years, 3 months ago

Awwwwwww sooo cute!

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Jacki 9 years, 3 months ago

Adorable! Have you successfully raised baby bunnies before? We had them when I was a kid... the adults ate the babies! Hopefully you know more about what you're doing than we did!

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Joy 9 years, 3 months ago

So cute!

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Ray King 9 years, 3 months ago

So small! Will you post the growth stages?

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Tomie Poodle 9 years, 3 months ago

one looks like mother :)

9 years, 3 months ago Edited