Fite DePow-A

by Jorge Cardoso October. 05, 2018 445 views

@ VANTAG galeria

NEW exhibiton

Fite Depow-A ... ’cause the curator said so

Power in the world of art: here too history happens.

From the Renaissance patrons (Medici and the like) to the current mega-galleries (Gagosian, Zwirner, etc.), who rules the world of art?

Artists? Gallerists? Critics? Collectors?

These traditional figures, in certain geographies, almost disappeared.

Director of world-class museums? Independent curator? Investment Adviser?

These less customary subjects came to shuffle the relations of power and the business of art.

But, besides the "who", we also have the "where": the private purchase of art – which is paramount for the continuity of the sector – takes place in the commercial gallery or auction house? in the public and subsidized museum? in the grueling and stuffy art fair? or in private cultural institutions with advisory capacity and access to exceptional works?


In the specific case of Portugal ("country of artists") the hope is in the appearance of new investors! Our work and aim is to stimulate the development of new collectors!

Jorge Cardoso


VANTAG galeria | new exhibition

from 21 sept. through 30 nov. 2018

R. Calouste Gulbenkian, 223 PORTO

(10h-12h30 |14h-18h |MON » FRY)

Guide Per Se: 41.150680 -8.627446

TGV seguros is a patron of VANTAG galeria

TGV seguros is a patron of VANTAG galeria

RISCONTROL is a patron of VANTAG galeria

RISCONTROL is a patron of VANTAG galeria

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