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Outgoing and friendly person with a twist :D:D:D

Well my names Claire i'm 33 nearly 34 and many years i have been learning alot about myself. I am wife to be to Myles Keenan and mother to my lovely daughter Jennifer-lily who is 3 and elena-may nearly 12 months old, (best thing to happen to me). I have had many interests in the past and changed my mind of what i want to do in life too many times, I have a variety of skills and like to challenge myself and learn new skills from time to time. Currently a woman of leisure and use some of my time helping a friend in his shop.

People that know me well know that i'm a very caring person who is always there to help. Well i wanna put my own experiences of life etc to good use which is why i have to worked with people that are less fortunate in life and loved it. I love that much tried to do a course in it so i can go to uni and do psychology, would of liked to do maybe counselling or some kind of mental health nurse.

The main things in my life at the mo are my little lady and myles i have a few close friends, my mom, photography and my expressive nature which i think will help further myself in life. Has you can tell from my profile i like a variety of things that keep my brain active etc but this also reflects my personality has i'm random and hyper, a very good trait to have in my experience :).

Anyway i left school in year 10 but went to college and did courses in complementary health and in health + social care. I was born in Worcester but only lived there till i was 4, then moved to Stourbridge has it was nearer family but when my mom met my stepdad we then moved to Telford. Spent most of my teenage years there then moved back to Stourbridge.


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