by Amy Caldwell December. 14, 2020 120 views

There is a house, a big farm house, that I used to drive by often on my way here or there. A house that sits back from the road with a big barn up next to the road on the east side of the drive. The drive goes down a small hill between 2 pastures, 1 right by the barn and 1 on the west side of the drive, then up again to the house. Big shade trees surround the house and shade a pretty porch. Smart white fences surround the pastures. There was a cow in the one by the barn-I think-and a horse in the west one sometimes. The cow and the horse disappeared and the fences fell down. The grass grew tall in the pastures. There was a hole in the front end of the barn roof.

Then the fences were fixed and another cow was in the pasture by the barn and a swingset appeared in the west pasture. The hole in the barn roof got bigger. The cow was no longer there. The swings rusted and were taken down-or maybe not. Maybe it is still there covered by grass and weeds.

Now. Forty years have passed. I haven't driven by in quite some time. The barn roof is fallen in, the 2nd story has fallen in on the first. What (if anything) was stored in there? What will become of it? The grass is so tall in the pastures it covers the fences - which are still standing but covered with vines. You hardly can tell anything was there but for the lines of vine-covered (fence) bumps. The drive is overgrown. The pretty porch railings are falling down, and soon the porch roof will fall. Does someone still live there? Is there no one to help them fix things.? If no one lives there, why is the place being left to rot?

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