by Calethia Baker May. 25, 2017 1562 views

I was surprised by the variety of leaf and plant types I found in my front yard. I have spent many hours and days in my front yard, but didn't really take notice of it until I picked up a camera. It's amazing how much more you can see through that lens.

If anyone has an knowledge of botany, it would be great if you could help me identify any of the plants.

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Kelly Williams 4 years ago

I like #3 and #7 the most ... 
I feel the composition of #3 is enhanced by the negative space in the right of the frame and the abrupt end to the 'leading line' (the twig).
In #7 the entire plant stem works as a leading line, directing the viewer to the flowers almost ready to bloom.

4 years ago Edited
Calethia Baker Replied to Kelly Williams 4 years ago

Thanks, Kelly!

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