by Jeremy April. 15, 2019 128 views

There's quite a story with how we came to bring Cosmo home. I'll post it another time but our thought was this: If you're going to get your dog from a breeder, you had better be damn responsible about it. Full stop. That's where Charlene and 360 Aussies come in. Absolutely wonderful people and simply incredible dogs. The only issue...well, they live in Idaho and we are in Southern California.

Cosmo was now a year and a half and my wife and I decided he needed a friend so we started looking and thinking about what we wanted to do. Little did we know the little girl that would be coming into our lives. Timing was serendipitous. We had finally decided to go for it and come to find out 360 was going to have a litter about the same time we would be ready to do it. From the first photo we saw of her we knew she was the one. So it was off to Spokane WA once again and then via Jeep up into Idaho...all to bring this little one home. I have to admit, while driving that Jeep through feet of snow, I couldn't believe I was doing all this for a puppy.

And damn, she makes us smile every single day.

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