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Hello! So a week ago I returned from two weeks of mid-semester break,  which I spent travelling with friends in a campervan for 16 days from Darwin to Adelaide to Melbourne.

It was an amazing trip where we travelled so far and saw so much. The difference in nature and climate between places in a country as large in Australia is outstanding and a joy to explore. Thank you Toby, Stephanie, Katie and Connie for making the trip so memorable - I'm so glad I had so many amazing experiences in your amazing company. 

Now, onto some pictures! It's fair to say that I took quite a few... so I'm gonna post some in general themes rather than in one massive post.

First: red rock. The harsh and dry geology that is most associated with the Australian outback.


We arrived at Uluru around 8 days into our trip and managed to watch the sun set and rise there. It really was beautiful. The sun setting and rising over cloudless skies set against the foreground of the isolated, massive rock was simply immense to watch.

Sunset. 24th Sept, 5:41 pm

Sunrise. 25th Sept, 5:38 am

Between the sunset and sunrise was, as we had many times during the trip, a beautiful clear night sky filled with bright white stars and the visible cloud of the Milky Way. Lying under the stars for me brings up the thought of how small we really are and how small our lifetime is on a universal scale. Which is scary but incredibly invigorating.

Being able to spend a chunk of my small lifetime enjoying and sensing the immense scale and beauty of the universe we find ourselves in was wonderful.

Sky at Night. 24th Sep, 7:54 pm

Watching nature's spectacle over Uluru was a completely memorable part of the trip.


Next stop after Uluru: Kata Tjuta (also called the Ulgas). These are a collection of large rocks about 25km away from Uluru. Unfortunately we had driving to do so could not spend too much time there however we still explored briefly!

Kata Tjuta. 25th Sept, 11:04 am

Darwin to Adelaide Crew! Windyyyy

        K I N G S  C A N Y O N

After much driving had been completed, the next stop was King's Canyon. Cue an extremely safe photo of me sitting completely casually. 

Not Scared. At all. Not one bit....

Around the canyon stretched out regions of high rock. I love this next and final photo, even though the subject is not a famous part of the canyon at all. The brightness of the rocks interspersed with signs of nature and life provides some interesting contrast in the nature.

@ King's Canyon. 26th Sept, 9.01am

U N T I L  N E X T  T I M E

That's all the photo's based on red rock I want to post. I hope you enjoyed them! Be sure to expect more posts shortly!

Until next time,




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