Venturing Further- Venice

by Camellia Staab July. 20, 2017 652 views

Next stop on our trip was Venice, Italy. Although, I've been to Venice three other times during my lifetime, this was the first time we decided to sign up for a tour of the Basilica and the Doge Palace. What a tour! We were very fortunate because the two tour guides we were hooked up with had a passion for what they were doing. Their knowledge was beyond the normal tour guides' knowledge one encounters, therefor we learned quite a bit and saw tremendous beauty in both locations. While I took an extensive amount of photos from both locations, not one of those photos does justice to the beauty I saw with my bare eyes. But at least I was able to preserve some memories. Here's just a sampling of the beauty one encounters in Saint Mark's Basilica and the Doge Palace.

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