Freaking Cold

by Camellia Staab November. 14, 2018 390 views

First we have Christmas decorations up before Halloween and now be have freezing weather before Thanksgiving. What is going on? It's been really, really cold. I mean 27 degrees during the day and 14 at night. That is supposed to be January weather not November!

Tomorrow it is going to get warm, well warm has it's own definition but they are predicting 32. Guess what? With that 32 comes snow.

This is the weather I want....

But instead this is the weather we are getting....

🎵🎵 Summer Breeze Make Me Feel Fine- Seals & Crofts 🎵🎵

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David Swatton 2 years ago

A few things here... who puts Christmas decorations up in October... that's borderline psycho-Santa. Those temperature numbers only mean cold in America... took me a while to figure out what the hell you were complaining about! The winter landscapes make better pictures. And lastly, can someone explain to me why America seems to have a barn fixation? What is it with the whole barn thing?

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Camellia Staab Replied to David Swatton 2 years ago

I am going to respond backwards....
Barns...until I picked up photography I had never ever paid attention to barns but it seems to be one of the biggest items photographed by hobbyist and pros ( including myself). My opinion is that barns reflect the "old" how life used to be. Since we don't have the historic architecture that Europe has we rely on barns to give us that history.
Temperature.....I wanted you to use some of your math skills to convert, as an ex teacher I can't just give you all the answers, how will you ever learn  :)
Decorations.....only idiots would decorate in October and fortunately I have not surrounded myself by that type of idiot (yet). But there are tons of idiot who purchase those decorations in October thinking they are getting good deals and because of those idiots stores bring out the decorations earlier and earlier in order to jack up their sales.

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Heike 2 years ago

Every season has it's own beauty, but I'm also more a summer-type. #10 is really great, fantastic light and mood!

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Camellia Staab Replied to Heike 2 years ago

Thank you Heike. It is snowing heavily this morning and it looks gorgeous only because I don't have to be anywhere in a hurry. Therefor you are correct in saying that every season has it's beauty but I do wish that the winter season would be the shortest season to hang around :)

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Berckmans Peter 2 years ago

Here still warm,sunny with rain. Not normal for now

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Antonio Gil 2 years ago

Love the idea of contrasting the two kinds of weather. Well done Camellia. And the song is so cool.

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Camellia Staab Replied to Antonio Gil 2 years ago

You know who taught me to add songs... smile

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Antonio Gil Replied to Camellia Staab 2 years ago

I hope to see more songs from now on 🎵🎵

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Camellia Staab Replied to Antonio Gil 2 years ago


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George Kunschman 2 years ago

#9 Camellia, you amaze me!How do you brave the cold to go take pictures? I feel exactly the way you do. It's bloody cold here too! I might have to move further south, LOL! Temps here the last couple of days high 40's. Heard reports not far from me that snowflakes (the real ones) were sighted.
Great captures my friend! 8>}

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Camellia Staab Replied to George Kunschman 2 years ago

Last week I bought myself another pair of shooting gloves, so my fingers/hand were nice and toasty. I have a nice warm coat ( from days I had to do lunch duty out in the cold) and warm boots.  Off I went only because something inside said I needed to go shoot before the snow melted. Btw the sun was kinda out so that made the difference for me. I heard you guys are getting the cold weather as well. Believe me I would settle for the's the 14 degrees that's a "mother" grinning

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