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Brussels Sprout cultivated in Belgium in the 16th century. They are high in vitamin A and C as well as a good source of iron.

It's one of those vegetables that hangs around for a long time, since their season starts in August and lasts until March.

Sadly it doesn't have a very good reputation and many people dislike it.

Me on the other hand thoroughly enjoy them especially if they are roasted and then served with some lemon butter.

Oh wait.....this post was suppose to showcase KNIFE.

What can I say?

Knives have been used as weapons, tools and eating utensils since prehistoric times.  However, it is only in fairly recent times that knives have been designed specifically for table use.  Hosts did not provide Cutlery for their guests in the Middle Ages in Europe.  Most people carried their own knives in sheaths attached to their belts.  These knives were narrow and their sharply pointed ends were used to spear food to raise it to their mouth to eat. 
Long after knives were adopted for table use, however, they continued to be used as weapons.  Thus, the multi-purpose nature of the knife continued to pose the threat of danger at the dinner table. 
In 1669 King Louis XIV of France decreed all pointed knives on the street or used at the dinner table 'illegal' and he ordered all knife points ground down, like those similarly used order to reduce violence!
The birth of the 'blunt-ended' knife in Europe had a lasting effect on American dining etiquette.  At the beginning of the 18th Century, relatively few forks were imported to America.  However, Knives were still being imported with the ends becoming increasingly blunter.  Due to the Americans having very few forks to dine with and no pointed-tipped knives, they were forced to use spoons in lieu of forks.  Using the spoon to steady the food whilst cutting, then switching the spoon to the other hand in order to scoop up and eat.

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Heidi Egerman 1 month ago

I love Brussels sprouts. I've tried to grow them several times but the aphids get to them before I can harvest. We simply don't have the growing season for them. So, it's one of the veggies I buy in the fall and winter. 

...and a wonderful image. Very nice. 

1 month ago Edited
Jay Boggess 1 month ago

Love this shot! Kind of like a murder mystery, with the dark & shadowy backdrop. 
Maybe You should send this to the Chicago Cutlery folks for their promo! 
Maybe they would send you a set of their knives! 
Worth a

1 month ago Edited
Camellia Replied to Jay Boggess 1 month ago

I have a friend who does that. Every time he takes a picture of an activity that involves a company or store or .... I send a copy to them. Not every one responds but a few have. He usually gets some sort of money in return  (basically they purchase his photos for their own use).

1 month ago Edited
Jay Boggess Replied to Camellia 1 month ago

Nothing wrong with a little $$$  for your work, right????+1smile+1

1 month ago Edited
Stefan Puffer 1 month ago

Love the picture.....the vegetable not so much smile

1 month ago Edited
Camellia Replied to Stefan Puffer 1 month ago

That's ok, this vegetable is definitely one that has people that either love it or hate it, no in between. I am glad you enjoyed the photo smile

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Russell Smith 1 month ago

I love this shot and I love Brussel Sprouts.

1 month ago Edited
Camellia Replied to Russell Smith 1 month ago

Thanks smile

1 month ago Edited
Ram Ya 1 month ago

Love your writing and beautiful capture! Love the moody edit too :)

1 month ago Edited
Camellia Replied to Ram Ya 1 month ago

Thank you Ram smile

1 month ago Edited
Lynn F Medley 1 month ago

Interesting history of the knife,, I did not know this at all, beautiful image! I too love them roasted

1 month ago Edited
Camellia Replied to Lynn F Medley 1 month ago

I think if someone did a survey on Brussels sprouts they would find that majority of people like them roasted.

1 month ago Edited
Sherry Hill 1 month ago

only you could make a knife and br. sprouts dramatic and artsy.. this is the kind of "edible stylings" i wish i could come up with.. 
and i love sprouts! mmmm

1 month ago Edited
Camellia Replied to Sherry Hill 1 month ago

Thank you Sherry. This was not what I had planned on shooting originally but somehow this shot worked much better than the original. A lot of trial and error and then some.

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Antonio Gil 1 month ago

Love Brussels Sprout, and also love the way you've used your composition and lighting to make this picture

1 month ago Edited
Camellia Replied to Antonio Gil 1 month ago

Thank you . Sometimes things work and others they don't. The original set up was a watermelon  with a knife, but the photo looked like I was ready to come and stab you all smile

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Heike 1 month ago

Very nice lighting ! I didn't know that they are called Brussels sprout in english. In german language they are not associated with Brussels, we say 'Rosenkohl'. (Combination of two words: Roses and cabbage.) Very yummy. smile

1 month ago Edited
Camellia Replied to Heike 1 month ago

I think the German name is much more appropriate than the English one. According to Bjorn they are not even from Brussels.

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Björn Roose 1 month ago

Sprouts are great. However, belgium did not exist in the 16th century. On the contrary, Brussels was then the capital of the Netherlands smile  And the vegetable was grown around the Mediterranean Sea ages before it came to Northern Europe smile  The "Brussels" in sprouts is something like the "French" in fries ...

1 month ago Edited
Camellia Replied to Björn Roose 1 month ago

Thanks for adding to the history.

1 month ago Edited
Björn Roose Replied to Camellia 1 month ago

You're welcome smile

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