I Originally Wanted to Do HipHop Dancing

by Steve Dworetsky May. 08, 2011 2460 views

This is the first realtime posting in almost 2 weeks. I have caught up the blog back from April 27 through today. It took me all night. It was a great fishing trip, LOL. I actually took a couple of days off from work, and am ready to go at it again, whatever that really is. I really enjoyed posting all these pictures at one time and reliving the last 2 weeks……

Above: “Dance Africa” [photoblog.com], which was featured last week, had another weekend, with different participants. Here is the final curtain call with members of the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Troupe, Afi Drum Troupe – my friends from African Dance class, and Illstyle and Peace, HipHop dancers from Philadelphia.

Below: Left to right, Cleo herself, Senor Jesus Papa Gavin, Mike, Dede, and Lannie is in the blue and white stripe in the foreground. I don't know any of the others…..

The official photographer spoiled my shot of all the participants. Illstyle were incredible dancers and now I am glad I “settled” for African Dance. There is no way I could get my body to do those things they did, no less the somersaults, and all the moves I don't know the names of, but were able to do with such ease. I am lucky to come away with just a sore back and swollen knee—I think i really would be pushing that 25 year old envelope with hiphop. One can really see how hiphop dancing comes right from African Dance. My hat is off to them, wow!! and to my friends in Afi, African Drum Troupe (the dancing got cut), I will see you all on Thursday(sorry John and Koffi, I didn't get a picture of you tonight, but you are featured here [photoblog.com]), and you were all great on stage there!……….

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