Ben and Victor

by Steve Dworetsky June. 30, 2011 3467 views

“You can't take a photo of me and put it up on your blog—I'm, introverted and can't take it,” said Ben. That's like gasoline on a flame, Ben. Victor, or Vicki, as his name tag states, is sorta the opposite, and is ready to take this picture at a moment's notice. The three of us work as a mini-team within a team getting the meals put together for delivery @ Project Angelheart on Thursdays.

It takes a while til you get to know someone: what they laugh at, where their sensitivities are, what they're like to work with. After several months, we sorta know each other and know where to push and provoke. We share stories of our lives, work, plans, past, loves and escapades. One of the reasons I took this picture was that I had this strange feeling that Victor was going to find a paying job and not be back on Thursdays. Although I would hate to see you go Victor, I hope my intuition is right!!!

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