Old Meets New or Top vs Bottom

by Steve Dworetsky October. 20, 2011 2533 views

My Sony HD Cathode Ray Tube TV just stopped working. I paid alot of $$ for that thing in 2002. So I decided to call the TV repairman. The European Repair Service (they were Russian). No little replacement tubes like the old days, all high tech now. But he tells me the picture tube contact is blown. And since they don't make new tubes any more, they would have to disconnect the metal socket for the tube, put a new one in, replace it in the TV, and of course there could be no guarantee how long the darn thing would last anyway. But, he would charge me $900.

That TV weighs over 300 lbs and I couldn't just put it out on the street for the trash. So, for the time being, I hauled the flat panel from the basement, and put it on top of the old one. I think better than on the floor. East meet West, North meet South, Top meet Bottom. Old meet New, your replacement.

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