Partyin' in Pennsylvania and then New Jersey

by Steve Dworetsky November. 19, 2011 3800 views

We were in Philly for a Bar Mitzvah. Eastern style. So the girls hadda get manis and pedis to start and get in the mood. Here is Jenna's result. She said she didn't get it to match her dress, she just liked the colors. My favorite shot of the day.

Below: while the girls went to do that, the boys went to have breakfast at the local market. The pastries were mouth watering, but I liked this photo better. we were too busy to be getting ready for Thanksgiving…..

On the plane to Philly, I had just read that Demi had announced her separation/divorce from Ashton. And here she was caught now single in Philly. Had to include this one…….

The girls in my family were back from their “morning of beauty”. Here are my sister, Sue; Jenna, and niece Julie dressed and ready to go.Even though I am a partial observer, I think they look pretty good!!!

Julie's shoes deserve special attention. Use the magnifying glass on the right to do a close up on those spikes of hers. Where did she get these? Don't you just love them?

Um, that is me. I know, I didn't take it, but Sam thinks it is a good picture of me, so I thought I should include it, even if the Mohawk is on sideways…..By this time of the Bar Mitzvah, things were hopping……..

A second photo here that I didn't take. But, I just love it. There is a photo station with a blue screen: you get to pick the background scenery (here chocolate, my addiction, and then the frame, which Jenna picked). What a combo!!!

The last of 3 photos taken by someone else. The scanner had trouble with this one, thus the white streaks across the photo. In any case, what a great family photo with the exception of Fiore, the host, and Josh. They must've been partying somewhere, LOL.

back row, left to right: Cliff (my brother-in-law), Scottie [], Adam, Judi (cousin and host), Dina (cousin), Rob and myself
front row: Julie (niece), Jenna, Brett (the Bar MItzvah “boy”), Rachel (his sister), Sue (my sister)

After the fact, our own bellmen, Adam and Scottie, LOL, were taking our bags upstairs!!

Party bags left for us at our hotel. I included this since I liked the colors and textures.

OOPS !!! How could I leave this one out.? So I had to add it in after this was all done. The theme of the Bar Mitzvah was the New England Patriots, Brett's favorite team (in the lair of a family of Jets fans) – and here were the table centerpieces made with player team jerseys. Great for any NEP fan!!!

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