My African Dance Foot and H&M Comes to Denver

by Steve Dworetsky December. 03, 2011 4204 views

Yuck, you say!! Well, so do I !! We dance barefoot on this black plastic stuff, made so you don't slip. Great. It just dries out your feet and turns them black. When I saw what my foot looked like, I just couldn't resist the photo….African Dance was cancelled on Thursday so I made it to the Saturday class as I just didn't get my fix for the week. I felt really good afterwards. I dragged Sam to the class, and he did great for the first time. His foot looked the same, LOL!

Below: H&M, the Scandanavian clothing store recently opened a store in downtown Denver. So why not hit it after the A. Dancing? Here is their logo in lights……

You know I love signs. Here in English, is their jean “style guide”. Which one are you? Since I have never been to H&M before, I just don't know. I didn't try on a pair to see, either. Sam said he was a SLIQ. If the words were in better focus, maybe I could figure out mine. BTW, I ORDERED A NEW CAMERA – SO we will see if the quality of my pictures improves…..

No, these are not 3 hip Denver guys, LOL! They were the mannequins in the window and I just couldn't resist the tease…….. There wasn't really anything in the store that I really liked. Oh well, their loss……
BTW, this is reminiscent of these women in the window []……

Two guys were there debating whether this “neck muff” or scarf whatever looked good. Truthfully, it looked ridiculous, but in good fun, this one guy allowed me to take a picture of him as he tried it on. We all had quite a chuckle !!!!

What the heck is that, you ask? Is that full scale, a photo of a tiny model, or what? After leaving H&M, and walking back to the car, we encountered this on the corner of a street in downtown Denver. I couldn't decide if they were light sabers or candlesticks……..thoughts??

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