It's a Breakthrough, I Say !!!

by Steve Dworetsky May. 02, 2012 3630 views

I had just spent about an hour at the motor vehicle bureau renewing my driver's license. It was a humane experience as far as motor vehicle goes. That was after a one hour lap swim, which came after another day at the office. I left late for ceramics, tired. All this “making up the hours I would not be working when in Africa” was getting to me.

I got to ceramics late – I had to stop by the bank in order to br able to pay for my airplane ticket to Africa. By the time I got to the school, I was cranky, hungry, and not really feeling like I wanted to be there. I putzed around with other projects, wasting time. I just wasn't into it, and thought maybe I should call it a day, or even just stop here for the summer.

With an hour and 45 minutes left to the class, I cut a huge hunk of clay, and put it on the wheel, throwing caution to the wind, LOL – so I could just use up the clay. Within a short amount of time, I made the bowl in the picture. Holy Crap! It actually looks like a bowl and it is the largest thing I ever worked on and made. So is it time to quit, or time to gear up?

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