by Steve Dworetsky May. 10, 2012 3614 views

Day 5. Capsule 3.

I was never thrilled about putting live Salmonella bacteria [](pic 2) into my gut. You get 5 years immunity instead of 2 years with the traditional shot. OK. So I waited til after the trip to NY, after Sam's birthday, and thought this was as good a time as any.

Must take the capsule at least 2 hours after eating, and 1 hour before eating. Take a day between each pill. OK. But within a short time of taking the first capsule, man, did I begin to get the worst indigestion that hung in the middle of my chest. Damn! I had to eat all day to deal with it. And NO, this wasn't listed as a side effect in the package insert. Hardly anyone had any kind of side effect. With pill #2, it was my stomach this time, with just a little indigestion. It lasted most of the day. I was like Pig Pen with a noxious cloud of gas hanging around me. I was beginning to think this was gonna be a long week and I should have realized not to mess with my gut.

I woke up early today (bad sign) and took the pill right away. By the time I got to work, I thought my intestines might fall out. Bloating, gas, cramps, almost having to run to the bathroom. Tiredness all week, and now my head was wrapped in gauze. Gurgle. I am hoping that pill # 4 on Saturday doesn't ruin my day.

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