Something's Filling Up on These Red Bud Leaves

by Steve Dworetsky June. 18, 2012 2851 views

I bought this tree from Lowe's about a month ago. I always had wanted a Red Bud [] – it has tiny beautiful pinkish-purplish flowers in spring along the branches. And it was really cheap, so why not?

The instructional tag indicated that the tree only liked morning sun. But my yard has really few places that does not also get the intense afternoon Denver sun. So, I tentatively put it in a spot for a trial run. By yesterday, it looked like the tree might not make it. Yellow, droopy leaves, with scalloped bug eaten edges. So today, I moved it to another part of the yard to see if will survive. It is in the TICU (tree ICU) on life support. If it likes this spot, I will plant it straight away. Hopefully as it gets stronger, it won't taste as good to the bugs……

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