AFRICA - Day 1-2: Getting There

by Steve Dworetsky July. 11, 2012 4692 views

Followers of my blog know that I just was unable to get my photos to this blog during my trip to Africa. Now that I am home and settled a little, I decided that I would create the blog with the pictures either that I took, or that others on the trip took in order to tell the trip's story.

Above: a great shot of those of us leaving from DIA in Denver. We had no idea what was in store for us, LOL. Featured left to right: Koffi holding his daughter Olivia (who did not go), Gavin, Dede, Laura, John and Cassie. In the lower row left to right: Willa, myself and Joanne.

Below: what a joke! Joanne bought these at REI, and you are supposed to take them every so often. I don't know if she took them on the way back, when we really needed them.

The in-flight guide here shows the plane as it was approaching France. It was barely midnight in Denver.

I thought these Delta snack napkins were a little redic.

The one thing I wanted to get while laying over in the Paris airport was chocolate croissants. HERE THEY ARE!!! They were yummy, but so filled with air, that I probably could have eaten all 12 of them pictured here with hardly even a burp!

Raspberry yogurt, to boot. Here it is pictured on a table top that was actually was made to look like it was crumpled up black and white fabric….

Here are Joanne, Cassie and John, excited about their very expensive French snacks. Notice each of them has a chocolate croissant !!

We were at the CDG – Charles DeGaulle airport. It is a “relatively” new airport, and the architecture quite modern, shown here.

Here is another view of a lounge at Charles DeGaulle airport.

The Charles De Gaulle Airport also had some really modern/cool furniture. Here is Laura, and Emily (who joined us from Seattle) and Joanne lounging around………..

I went shopping for some food to eat. I found this cheese, wrapped in leaves. Although it was fresh, it was quite expensive. Ok, better find something else.

Not much better on this shelf. Confit de canard – not quite what i had in mind, even though it was quite French. No can opener on me due to the security check……

The terminal we were in had flights to India, Vietnam, China, Africa. By the time we got on our plane to Togo, I was starved. Here is the menu for our in-flight meal. Remember, I did not opt for the expensive meal selection []. But, we started with a champagne aperitif, had wine with dinner and cognac for digestive. The meal was great, too!

We landed in Africa. Togo. Dark already at 630 pm. Darn, and it was summertime, when the days are supposed to be long…..Hot, humid. crowded– at the airport. It reminded me of Mexico. We had our luggage loaded on top of the van……

……and headed to a restaurant that featured 30-40 year old videos of American black singers…..

Since Lome was a port city, i guessed that the fish was fairly safe (no menus). We had some wonderful ginger/orange drink, and a dark beer. The fish was good, if you don't mind the original shape and the bones……

Here was a sign outside the restaurant, taken on the way out. Togo was originally a German colony until the end of WWI, and with their defeat, Togo was transferred to the French. Most people speak French here, but not all. Many speak the tribal language of Awae (not sure of the spelling).Many establishments in Togo seem to have God in their name, as I came to see. The first meal in Africa was very good………

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