5 Tips to Kids Photography at home - For parents

by Kriti Agarwal June. 08, 2020 305 views

Every day there is something new & exciting, that your little one discovers or carries out a naughty act. These tiny moments create memories. And it's these moments when captured in camera, can make heirloom for one's family.

But in reality, we are always busy, occupied in work be it home or career. Our kids are growing up and soon they will be packing their bags for college. So waste no time mom! Start clicking now! Create professional looking beautiful pictures of your kids at home.

1. Catch them in Action

We want to capture the essence of their childhood, in it's natural and raw form. So next time, avoid asking them to pose or smile. Instead, capture them in action :

- Involve them in their favorite activity.

- Keep the camera ready.

- Click their happy faces enjoying messing around!

2. Play with Light

Look around your home, and ask yourself, which room & corner has the maximum sunlight. It can be a big window or a door. If not, you always have outdoor to shoot. Next, play with light, keeping its direction in mind. The spread of light need not be uniform all the time. It adds a rawness to the picture and depicts it as a moment.

Play with light

Play with light

3. Composition

There is something in photography called “The rule of thirds”. We will not go into technicalities but what it means is to place your subject off-center.

Leave some blank space on either side and place your kid on the opposite of it.

4. Catch them right after their Nap

A well-rested kid is a happy kid! Clicking them right after their nap is indeed the best time. It Doesn't matter even if it's for a few minutes.

Capture them fresh! Although, the crying ones make into the favorite ones at times... Haha!

Convert to Black and White

Convert to Black and White

5. Convert to Black & White

Who doesn't love a Black & White picture! You don't? Well try it out and you will fall in love with them! When shooting indoors, there are many distractions around the house. A black & white picture helps in removing all those colored distractions and focus upon pure emotions.


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