My best photo of 2016 - PhotoBlog Community Project

by Ram Ya December. 17, 2016 2410 views

What is the best photo you took in 2016?

It is that time of the year again! Here at PhotoBlog, we have a tradition of reflecting back on the passing year and choosing our best photo. It is a great way to celebrate the year 2016!

This year has been especially important to PhotoBlog because we relaunched in June. All of you have helped to improve the site by providing numerous feedback and ideas. That is because you care about the site to which you have contributed so much.

This is the reason why we want to ask you to choose your best photo of the year, that one you feel more proud of, that one that brings you the best memories or that one you consider the most beautiful of your collection. Let’s choose that photo and post it together with the reasons that led you to choose it and a wish for the new year.

You are all invited to take part in this project. Whether you are a veteran Photoblogger or a new user just joining us.


  1. Choose your best photo: ONLY ONE PHOTO
  2. Accompany your photo by a WISH FOR THE NEW YEAR.
  3. Use the title: My Best Photo 2016
  4. Use the tag: best2016
  5. Post it on your blog before December 31st at 12 am Greenwich time (You have 7 more days if you miss this day. Please see below for an explanation).


We will make a collage of everyone's submissions and display it on the platform.

Some explanations of the rules: 

  1. Choose only one photo. Why only one photo? Because it's a way of being self-critical and appreciate more our own images. This year, you can use a photo you've already posted here o you can surprise us with a new image, but make sure it is a photo taken in 2016! 
  2. Accompany your photo by a wish for the new year. Why make a wish? What better way to start the new year! 
  3. Use the title My best photo 2016. Why this title and not another? Because the project is partly to celebrate the year, but also to pay tribute to the community of which we are a part. The fact that everybody uses the same title, gives a sense of unity and community. 
  4. Use the tag best2016. Why use a tag? Because it's a simple and direct way of finding all participants in the project, so you will not miss any photo! 
  5. Post on or before December 31st. We have lots of new members joining us and this will give them a chance to participate as well. 
  6. What if I forget? You have until January 7th, 2017 before we start making the collage. So if you miss the December 31st deadline, you still have time.

If you have some suggestions to improve this community initiative please leave a comment below or in the forum post.

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Marilyn Grimble 4 years, 7 months ago

Delighted you are continuing with this theme and I hope it's as popular as other years. Mxx

4 years, 7 months ago Edited