Do you use PhotoBlog to discover things?

by Ram Ya March. 11, 2017 1450 views

PhotoBloggers all over the world are creating amazing stories every day. We are averaging about 150 stories per day now, that is almost 5,000 stories monthly!  As a community of storytellers and photographers, we want these stories to be discovered. Afterall, Photoblog's purpose is to connect your stories with an audience.

Tagging posts

Currently, tags are mandatory but they are not enough to discover all these wonderful stories. For example, @emilysmayy asked about Cuba in the forums. How can we let her and others easily discover things? Things that we want to discover and things that we didn't know we had an interest in. 

Version 2.0

Another solution is to show all posts under a given set of tags (Cuba, havana...etc) in one place. In version 2.0, we can aggregate tags into a single feed. So, Cuba section will show posts tagged with Havana, Varadero ...etc.

Introducing PhotoBlog Discovery pages

Do you want to become a Section moderator? 

Sections could be anything; portraits, england, asia, japan...etc. We should allow moderators to manage tags for their sections. Maybe also allow adding tags to posts if the author missed something. Similar to Wikipedia's effort to self-govern and categorize things. Any thoughts on this? 

How do you currently discover things in PhotoBlog, do you search or just stumble upon them?

p.s. For more discussions on PhotoBlog's future and feature requests, please come join the community

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Ram Ya 1 year, 7 months ago

Becky, I like the idea of allowing members to tag a location to their post. I will put that on my to-do list as part of our new Editor efforts. I would also like the new editor to support multi-image upload and dragging images within a post.

Maggie, you have your comments turned off, maybe that is why you don't get comments? On several occasions, I wanted to comment on your beautiful photos but I couldn't. i.e.

As per the community, we have a lot of discussions happening at too. The main improvement is that we have a more civilized discussion now (no genitals, hookers, or viagra spam type posts). I think the site is moving in the right direction but it needs more time to rebuild the community. Personally, I am happy with the engagement I get on some of my posts. For example, this post has 22 comments Jay is beating me by a mile, look at his latest post, 50 comments! I don't get that even in my FB or IG!

There is something to be said about the quality of engagement as well. On sites like 500px, people posts V+F ("voted & favorited") type comments just for the sake of posting a comment. The main purpose is to get a like on their own photos. That type of fake engagement is not very meaningful to the community. My wish for PB is that we communicate to make connections, improve each other's craft, and support one another. We certainly have the tools to do that. So let's start making connections, one friend at a time!

You can not build a community like you build a computer program. It definitely takes time and lot of help from members.
I have been commenting and welcoming users a lot but some members are doing better than me! (On top of my head @dogydad2 @girafferacing @Angil @Silentgaze). I am sure with your help, we can even further out progress.

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Becky Brannon 1 year, 7 months ago

I certainly enjoy seeing the travels of other people and learning about the cultures of others. I certainly found that more appealing when searching through Photoblog. It has been a real education learning about other places, such as following Antonio on his travels through Kyrgyzstan.

When I go to photoblog,, my first priority is to go to "following" and try to keep up with my friends. Then I probably go to "Fresh" and see the latest posts.

I wish when I click on someone's avatar it gave me more info about them and where they are in the world. On the old photoblog, there was usually some info on people so you had a better feeling of who they are and if you want to follow them. There used to be a map showing where in the world your friends were from.

I think it would be great if when we tag a photo with a place it showed up on a map like "Google Earth". So if I was wanting to learn more about a certain area I could go to the map and find photos of that area!

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Goshaa Replied to Becky Brannon 1 year, 7 months ago

the old photblog was for meeting friends from different countries, this one - new - is to show how rich you are and where you travel. .
This lack of comments here, show how unfriendly place is here :(

1 year, 7 months ago Edited
Becky Brannon Replied to Goshaa 1 year, 7 months ago

I know, people don't comment like they used to and I don't understand why some people "follow me" but never ever comment. But I do love seeing photos of other places around the world and I always love seeing your shots of Poland, especially along the north sea!

1 year, 7 months ago Edited
Goshaa Replied to Becky Brannon 1 year, 7 months ago

Thanks a lot My Friend! See - still only our commnets - even owner of this post doesn't comment.
I feel very sad of death of the old photoblog. I see the same problem at my posts.

1 year, 7 months ago Edited
Barbra Replied to Goshaa 1 year, 7 months ago

With all respect, but personally I think it is a bit unfair to judge, that this site is to show off. I am a new user and I haven't posted anything for a long time (due to some personal tragedy and overload of duties I just can't focus on such things recently, although I take photos everyday), but still I come here everyday, whenever I have some few spare minutes. I come here to bring pleasure to my eyes, to enjoy photos and read interesting stories. There are so many nice people here with unique stories and beautiful pictures. I love looking what other people do and experience. It's nothing about showing how rich somebody is. Many people travel on budget, beside "rich" is very subjective, for each of us means something different. People travel, there is nothing bad in showing that. Instead of being jelous I love seeing pictures of places and plan to visit them some day. I go and check many posts, but comment very rarely, probably I should start doing it. Maybe I'm too shy:) Beside we don't know how much effort it may cost to build or change such a site. It's unfair to judge like that. Instead of that, maybe let's enjoy it and try to keep connections with people. World changes, social platforms as well. Let's give a chance and make this place wonderful, to me it seems amazing comparing to "bimbo style" ig for example. P.S, I see we both live in a beautiful city.

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Becky Brannon Replied to Barbra 1 year, 7 months ago

I believe she is just trying to express her sadness for the loss of what was. I enjoy how the new site better displays photos, but there is not the same sense of community. People had real conversations and got to know each other other through their words and photos. I have people I truly consider as friends even though I have not met them. I am just not really sure why this has changed? And I am shy too! : )

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