Do you own a mirrorless camera?

by Ram Ya May. 17, 2017 1675 views

As technology improves, the size of our devices keeps shrinking. This applies to photography devices as well. One of the breakthroughs in our niche was the introduction of mirrorless cameras. Recently they have been making more news due to the full-frame versions and improved Image Quality (IQ). 

The greatest advantage of mirrorless cameras is the weight saving. This is especially important for photography because we tend to move a lot with our cameras. Alan, who wrote this article, is a veteran mirrorless user. He goes on to describe his experience with mirrorless cameras as well as pros and cons. If you are in the market for a mirrorless or just curious how they compare against your DSLR, please check out this article and start a conversation with Alan.

How to Decide if a Mirrorless Camera is Right for You

One of the images Alan has taken using his mirrorless camera

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