Weekly Theme "Photography Composition"

by Ram Ya May. 23, 2017 2019 views

Weekly Theme: Photography Composition

Deadline: May 22nd to May 29th, 2017

How to submit: Create a post on PhotoBlog.com and add the tag 2017theme19

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Learn and Participate:

Composition is the act of arranging elements within your frame so that they are visually pleasing or convey the message you intend. A lot of photographers will tell you that composition is one of the most important tools for creating a stunning image. No matter what camera, lens, or post processing technique you use, you must first compose the photo properly. In this week's theme, we are introducing 20 photography composition tips for you to experiment with. Please submit your photos along with the composition tip mentioned next to them.

20 photography composition tips that will get you beautiful photos

A photo of Tatoosh Range by Sarah Marino. Taken using the Rule of Thirds composition rule to emphasize the wildflowers.

Previous weekly theme winners

Throughout the week there were beautiful 'In Focus' posts on PhotoBlog. Congratulations to following members for their winning entries in last week’s theme!

  1. Dane for Get your subject "In Focus"
  2. Stephanie Hyde for Your Current Mood 131/365
  3. Shah for In Focus - Its all about the eyes

There were many great submissions, you can check them all here. Be sure to follow them to be inspired by their amazing work. Here is a photo a photo from Shah's entry.

Asian Glossy Starling I Aperture: f/6.3 SS: 1/800 ISO: 4000 Lens: Tamron 150-600mm - A photo by Dane

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