How did you learn photography?

by Ram Ya April. 15, 2019 331 views

Hello Photobloggers,

I am curious, how did you first learn photography? Have you taken a college level course or are you self-taught?

I thought I would pose the questions since we just compiled a list of 8 best online photography classes. Some of which are 100% free.

Did you know that Reddit offers a free photography course? I was surprised to see that!

please let me know in the comments below.

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Jolien Dekens 8 months ago

I only started photography in January, but all I have learned so far is self-taught. With a lot of help from you guys, youtube and the rest of the internet sweat smile I fell in love with photography in the first few weeks I had my camera, but this place really helps keep me motivated to keep shooting consistently! Plus it's a huge inspiration to look at everyone's beautiful photo's. So thanks everyone!

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Ram Ya Replied to Jolien Dekens 8 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us, Jolien!
You take amazing photos for someone who just started grinning

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Jolien Dekens Replied to Ram Ya 8 months ago

Thanks! blush You just made my day! smile

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Jennifer Paire 8 months ago

Thank you for this wonderful list - I will be taking at least one of these if not more. I took a photography course in college because it was required for my journalism degree and it did help me on assignments to snap "ok" shots when the newsroom could not send a professional (our photographers were such a busy and gutsy bunch). There is so much I don't remember and my pictures are mostly guesswork. I look forward to continuing to learn. I love this site and so admire you folks - you are so talented and knowledgeable and I could look at your photos all day long.

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Ram Ya Replied to Jennifer Paire 8 months ago

Thank you so much for the kind words, Jennifer!
This article would be a success if at least one person took one of these courses. Glad to have motivated you to do so grinning

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Antonio Gil 8 months ago

Self-taught, but so much to learn. I also want to thank you for keeping this place alive - Peter words.

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Ram Ya Replied to Antonio Gil 8 months ago

Thank you so much for the kind words, Antonio!
Self-taught and teaching & inspiring others would be more like it my friend grinning

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Russell Smith 8 months ago

My first camera was a Nikon FM. I learned how to use it at a Kodak presentation through 4-H . There were several 4-H project books that helped me learn more and there was the Library. I would walk around with a piece of acetate on a cardboard frame. The rule of third lines were drawn on it and this would help me frame the image to practice. Then I go a disc camera for times that I might not be as careful with the camera. After that I got an underwater camera (instamatic) for photos of Manatees and while diving (hopefully those will be coming soon to a blog post). Then I hit teen years and found more important things . Digital I got a number of years later and I had to relearn the process because while the principles were the same the results were different. Now I learn from the Net and research plus failure and figuring out how to not fail the same way again.

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Ram Ya Replied to Russell Smith 8 months ago

Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us, Russell. 
I am also thankful that you have signed up to teach others through articles. We will be publishing your article soon. Just have a bit of a backlog to go through. Thanks again!

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Camellia Staab 8 months ago

I started photography approximately 4 years ago when I got my new cellphone and took some pictures that amazed me as far as color and clarity. I got involved deeper and decided that the new DSLR were for me. Before this time I had a point and shoot film camera but the expense of developing and my inability to take pictures put a a damper on photography. I bought a Nikon 3300 and fell in love. Within the first three months I pushed myself, with the help of some fb sites, and you tube to shoot in manual. I have spent most of my learning time reading articles and watching videos. No formal training and I do appreciate you posting these articles because while some of the information is not new to me they are still a good read and a good way to review.

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Ram Ya Replied to Camellia Staab 8 months ago

Thank you so much for the kind words, Camellia!
Wow, manual mode, I've been wanting to limit myself to that for some time now. I tend to shoot mainly in aperture priority. Hope to take the challenge soon!

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Berckmans Peter 8 months ago

Started out with a kodak instamatic when 12y old . After I got a Yashica FX3,but only took simple photos. Than came the digital world, you could try more. It is with joining photoblog here that I got the virus again after years of nothing. I teach myself and this place is a gigantic help for me. Know I start to feel comfortable with my photography,after many positive comments I get on and of the blog. My best way of learning is steal with your eyes . Thanks Ram for keeping this place alive .

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Ram Ya Replied to Berckmans Peter 8 months ago

Thank you so much for the kind words, Peter!
I am glad the community is a positive place that focuses on photography and building people up.

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Berckmans Peter Replied to Ram Ya 8 months ago

If you want pb is more than a platform to show your photos. If you take my first ones on the blog and now, a big difference

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