A passion is found

by Chuck Staruch November. 24, 2020 275 views
My Sparrow Friend

My Sparrow Friend

This little bird in my hand was unconscious on the ground after flying into my kitchen window one spring morning.

For whatever reason that day, I grabbed my wife's Nikon Cool Pix to capture the moment.

The Camera that ignited my passion for photography

The Camera that ignited my passion for photography

What happened next was pretty amazing, the lifeless bird was in my hand when suddenly it came to life and just sat still in my palm.

I thought that if I took a picture the little sparrow would fly away, but to my surprise it did not.

Instead, the sparrow tilted it's head and looked up towards me as if it was saying "Thank You"

At that moment I felt a connection and a bond with this little sparrow.

It was a mystical and spiritual moment, hard to articulate.

The sparrow eventually departed after about five minutes to parts unknown ...

The important thing for me was that a passion was born, a love for photography and my perspective of the world around me would change forever.

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