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Beavis the Chameleon

Beavis the Chameleon

This is one of several exotic reptiles that one of my family member keeps for a pet, not my cup of tea but, to each his own I guess.

His name is "Beavis".

Beavis is a chameleon that just likes to hang out and stay very still.

I tried to touch Beavis and he showed his disproval with a low hissing sound.

Every ten minutes or so Beavis gets a spray with a water mister that is set up in his elaborate climate controlled home.

I was told that is how chameleons drink, who knew?

So I grabbed my cell phone and took several shots of Beavis posing for the camera.

The only thing that moved were his rotating eyes!

I thought maybe the next chameleon they get for a pet can be named "Butthead"

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Antonio Gil 4 months ago

Beavis is so cool 😊

4 months ago Edited
Chuck Staruch Replied to Antonio Gil 4 months ago

Beavis thinks so!grin

4 months ago Edited