Black Phoebe

by Chuck Staruch June. 09, 2021 143 views

One of my favorite birds that I eagerly await each spring to arrive for the season is the Black Phoebe.

These birds hang around the trees by my pond and put on quite a show each evening as they dive for flying insects and like a boomerang return to the exact spot they took off from.

This will go on for hours at a time ..

Maybe it's in my mind, but I feel I can communicate in some way or another with the Black Phoebe because I am able to mimic the call that they give out.

Not sure if it is a mating call, but the sound is like a quick whistle.

Sometimes the length and pitch is different, but when I hear the call while working in the yard or while washing my jeep yesterday, I will whistle back.

Amazingly they will respond back with a whistle and back and forth we go, which is pretty fun.

If a Black Phoebe is in the distance, I will watch it fly closer and when they see it's just me, the disappointment is obvious.

Because they fly away!!

I often wonder what they are thinking?

They seem to know it's just that crazy guy who thinks he is a bird whisperer and are probably laughing or maybe mad that they fell for the whistle once again.

Who knows really, but it's fun to think about those things ..

Male Black Phoebe

Male Black Phoebe

Photo Art Rendition

Photo Art Rendition

Images were captured with my Panasonic Lumix back in 2015.

I do need to get some shots with my Canon for sure ..

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Black Phoebe

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Jay Boggess 4 days, 6 hours ago

Nice shots & entertaining commentary!+1

4 days, 6 hours ago Edited
Tsao T-F 4 days, 16 hours ago

Thanks for sharing the beautiful story and photos. Although gray image is impressive, I still love the beautiful colorful one #1.

4 days, 16 hours ago Edited
Chuck Staruch Replied to Tsao T-F 4 days, 12 hours ago

Thank you Tsaosmile

4 days, 12 hours ago Edited
Thomas Thompson 5 days, 3 hours ago

Very interesting story, wonderful capture Chuck

5 days, 3 hours ago Edited
Chuck Staruch Replied to Thomas Thompson 4 days, 12 hours ago

Thank you Thomassmile

4 days, 12 hours ago Edited