Mixing Words and Photographs

by Clariane Fernandez May. 13, 2020 402 views

How did I get here? Such a loaded question with a pretty lengthy answer. I do not even know where to begin, but let us start somewhere.

A Peaceful Place | Home (2020)

A Peaceful Place | Home (2020)

A year ago, I decided to finally give photography a try since I have been so into the idea of it. Fast forward to the present, I have taken quite a lot of photographs and decided that it is time to post it somewhere. I have reached a point where I am confident enough to show others my work.

I have started an instagram account dedicated for my photography journey, but! It is limited for the app is not designed for high quality photos, so the images get distorted. Not to mention, that lengthy posts like this won't fly over there. I am one that can definitely be wordy!

I have realized that I should probably just start writing about my photography journey and adventures, and here we are. May 2nd was when I decided to join Photoblog and just keep posting.

I make it a point currently to post everyday although I do not know how long I can keep that up because I am running out of photos to post. I just want to catch up and post all that I currently have.

When it comes to my photographs, I am mainly into landscape photography with some occasional night and portrait photography.

Writing and Photography are two of my interests, so mixing them makes sense. Here's to more posts and more photographs. I hope to those who are reading my posts and following are also enjoying what I put out here as much as I enjoy crafting them.

Thinking.. | Home (2020)

Thinking.. | Home (2020)

I'll be here at this spot figuring out and putting some thought as to what to post next or what shoot. Until the next post—Claire

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