A bridge leading to?

by Clariane Fernandez June. 23, 2020 854 views

San Diego, CA is not only known for its beaches but also for some architecture and landmarks. While searching up for places to take photos at, Spruce Street Suspension Bridge came up and it seemed promising.

The bridge was not actually hard to find. I was surprised that there’s not much people when we were there, but then again we are encouraged to stay at home. I have seen photos of this place from countless of people, so it’s only right to do a shoot out here too.

Angela was kind enough to be my model again for this location. It was my first time ever taking her photos, so it’s quite challenging to see how we work together. To my surprise, it seemed like we have been doing it for a while. It was easy to direct her as to how to pose and her features looked lovely when photographed.

The sun was still high up in the sky, so finding a way to take photos without the sun looking too harsh was challenging. I still remember those pointers when shooting in harsh light, and I can say my pictures turned out quite well.

As much as I like taking photos, I like having my photos taken as well just for the purpose of posting it on my Instagram. However, it can be very hard cause I know what angle works.

To my surprise, the bridge does not have much features that can make a photograph more interesting. Nothing extraordinary and just the typical bridge. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a good location for a photoshoot, but it just doesn’t offer much variety.

This area right here at one end of the suspension bridge really caught my attention. The lighting, the tree along with its textures, and just the overall feel for the photo is just perfect. During a day where the sun is high up in the sky beaming, a bit of shade can help in equalizing the light and dark in the photo.

If you are ever in San Diego, take a swing to check out this suspension bridge. It’s quite something to experience but it is not something for someone who’s afraid of heights or gets dizzy easily. The bridge tends to move a lot so be prepared. –Claire

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